Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Mop Fair

The Annual Mop Fair hits Cirencester on the two mondays either side of the 11th October, except for those years, like this year, when Monday is the 11th, there are three. Traditionally a hiring fair, the name Mop comes from the housemaids that were amongst the potential employees, and not from the equipment now used to clear up the likely result of mixing candy floss, hot dogs, spinning rides and generator fumes.
And so on Monday evening, I found myself clamped into one of the 4 seats bolted on to each end of the 50m long spinning arm of the Buzzin ride. I justified my decision by categorizing it as one of those things to be done before you die, hoping that the two events would not be synchronised in any way. As it was, the ride was fast, exhilarating and the only cold feet you should get is if your shoes fall off. Even being stopped right at the top when the other end changed over, wasn't too scary, and gave a panoramic nighttime view across the town. To think that I was doubtful about going on the Big Wheel years ago - the ultimate thrill ride that I remember growing up with. Toffee apple, anyone?


  1. yuk, Andy that looks awful.......

  2. I was always reluctant to get on the Big Wheel too, based in large part on knowing some of the school kids in our year who earnt a bit of cash helping put it up.