Friday, 3 December 2010

It's A Bit Parky Out

Winter has arrived early this year. Fortunately The Cotswolds, so far, has not had the heavy snow, and the wall I am working on is long enough that there are sections that aren't frozen solid. OK, I have seven layers of clothing, the kettle won't boil and the local policeman stops by to check my sanity, but at least I have still been able to work.

I was warmed today by the bizarre 999 call reporting a stolen snowman. Perhaps, finally, Aled Jones can move on. The police sent two of their smaller special branch officers, to see if they could get a drift of what had happened. After a light dusting they found no fingerprints. They did apprehend a youth rolling a snowman away just down the road from the victims house, but let him go when his snowman was found to be much larger than the stolen one. They looked for witnesses, but some people sledging nearby turned out to be aussie cricketers. They are now concerned that the stolen article will just melt into the background, but will continue to plough on through the evidence.

So that this type of crime doesn't snowball, the police will try and work with the local community, but are unsure whether to use the carrot or stick approach.

Meanwhile, one snowman says to another - "Can you smell carrot?"

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