Thursday, 23 September 2010

In Memory Of Steve

I attended a funeral last week and I am still smiling about it. An odd reaction, I know, but the ceremony was quite unique and special. It was a Humanist funeral and was a true reflection of Steve's life and character. He lived in his handbuilt barn with no mains electrics or water, and loved the countryside around him. The funeral featured wild flowers, birdsong, a wicker coffin and touching and funny speeches from those who knew him or were with him on his last day. We were able to add our own thoughts, to the sounds of one of Steve's favourite songs. Listen to it from the link top right - you can then, perhaps, understand the smiling.

And then after, Steve was loaded on to the back of his beloved tractor and trailer, and secured by straw bales, driven off through Bourton on the Water, to be laid to rest in his own field, surrounded by the trees and shrubs he had lovingly planted over the years. I shall always remember seeing and hearing the tractor moving away. Thanks, Steve, for your weekly running coaching sessions. We are all better runners because of you.

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