Tuesday, 31 August 2010

No Auto-tuning Here I Hope

Thoughts led recently to the first LP I bought. Ignoring the narrated Cinderella album (which I think was bought for me), as a ten year old I inexplicably spent my own money on The Carpenters Singles 1969-1973. Was it the fetching brown cover, or the fact that Karen Carpenter looked a bit like my best friend's Mum? I don't know to this day why I was drawn to it, but never regretted doing so.
And then I heard the Rumer track on the radio, and it took me right back to that 70's sound. Hope to goodness that this girl's voice hasn't been passed through the Auto-tune box set to Carpenters mode, because her voice sounds that good. Check it out yourself on the link top right.

Having just searched through some Carpenters images, I am not so sure about admitting to my involvement. More cheese than Wallace's larder. Maybe I should have gone straight to one of my later albums - by The Wombles.


  1. Ah, so it's safe to come out of the closet. Well, I love that mellow sound too. But have to make sure I am not depressed before I play them - seriously mood altering.

  2. The first time I heard this track I thought it was some long forgotten Carpenters track - love it.