Friday, 9 April 2010

Spring Has Arrived

Working in a T-shirt today and The Masters on the TV tonight - Spring has finally arrived. It has been such a long hard winter. Surely 'In The Bleak Midwinter' must have been inspired by conditions similar to the ones seen this year. I checked this out, and sure enough, in the year 1872 when it was penned, the Met Office had indeed forecasted a mild dry winter.
The snow particularly stopped me from walling, so I wanted to use the free time wisely. I tried skiing - I started off OK, but it was downhill after that. I asked a ski instructor about cross country skiing and he suggested trying a small country first. Spent quite a bit of time sledging, but it wasn't the same without some Aussie cricketers to insult.
So the warm weather has been welcomed and makes my job so much easier. Working alongside a lane today, which has the most enormous pothole in it, causing cars to slow and swerve. I rang the council about it and told them how large it was - they said they would look into it. I did think perhaps about getting a job fixing the roads - saw an advert for one, but it wasn't permanent, it was just filling in. Apparently the job has been given to a former pest control officer - he had the experience of dealing with road dents.
And finally the daffodils are out. Their lateness isn't actually anything to do with the winter - it is because we have to use low-energy bulbs.
One other point - if the AA men go on strike, who will the negotiators turn to if the talks breakdown?

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