Sunday, 6 May 2012

Football's Coming Home

This weekend started at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival, with a second chance to see C W Stoneking performing. First seen at Womad last year, I feared my enthusiasm for his authentic 20's American bluesy sounds were perhaps fuelled by the lateness of his gig on the first night of my first ever festival. But once again I was blown away by his music on Friday - see him live if you ever get the chance. Jamie Cullum's a fan too! 
Then today Swindon celebrated their League 2 Championship with a Party on The Pitch. A great afternoon seeing all the players and listening to sets from Toploader and The Lightning Seeds, who finished their performance with 'Three Lions'. Football's coming home . . .

1 comment:

  1. What a cool way to celebrate! When Exeter avoided the drop two years ago (happy days!) we were told over the tannoy to keep off the pitch or risk being banned from games - all this despite the fact they were relaying the pitch straight afterwards. Still, it's good to support a lower league team, can't see Man City doing this if they take the title.