Saturday, 22 January 2011

I Think I Would Like One Of Those

Thoroughly enjoyed the BBC's Stargazing Live at the start of the month. A welcome fix of Professor Brian Cox to kick off the year. Sadly the UK weather conditions did not allow good viewing of the solar eclipse and meteorite shower in the UK, but the programme made up for this.
There was the 'Funniest Live TV Moment of the Week' which you can see top right, where everyone was oblivious to the meteorite in the background. And the Pacman (not Jeremy) style photo above which not only shows the solar eclipse that day, but also the International Space Station passing across. I often see the ISS pass overhead, and the timetable for this can be seen on the NASA website.
After the show I really wanted a telescope. I could then see for myself the craters on the moon, the moons of jupiter, the rings of saturn and the fuzzy bit within Orion where stars are being born. And perhaps the occasional comet every 72 years. And lots of little light things.
A good telescope is not cheap, but it is something I might look into.


  1. Cool, like the (possibly unintentional) pun in the last sentence too. Gonna have to save your pocket money!

  2. I have a telescope Andy. It's not up to Royal Observatory standards, but is good for seeing craters on the moon - wanna borrow it??

  3. It was an excellent show. During those freezing, dry, winter nights the stars were amazing - more than I'd every noticed before.