Monday, 10 May 2010

Any Votes Cast After 10pm Will Not Count But You May Still Be Charged

I am enjoying the ongoing Election dramas. Right from the Exit Polls at 10pm on Thursday(which were described as wrong at the time but later proved accurate - note to self for next election - go to bed then) through all night to see the demise of Lembit Opik and and David Dimbleby introducing Kirsty Wark as 'stuck-up' in Cheshire. And now the ongoing negotiations.
Richard Bacon on 5 Live had a funny Blind Date spoof on his radio show with Lembit Opik ( what is he doing now?) pretending to be Nick wooing reps for the other two.
Lots of pros and cons for whichever alliance is chosen, but the papers are already enjoying the prospects for a ConDem link and any LibLab pact that includes Lord Adonis would surely create a well hung parliament?
I hope Nick decides soon. I am off to China later this week and I am a bit worried with the current climate about not being able to fly back. Not because of the Ash cloud though - if the one Green MP gets included in the coalition she may negotiate a condition which closes all the airports.

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  1. Are you sure you quoted enough to repair that wall? Not sure limestone is a good match either. Enjoy China, me old, er China.